Critique of Dead Canary

The reel-based action in Nolimit City’s subterranean setting is explosively different. Read on for more of our analysis.

Dead Canary is a slot machine by Nolimit City that is similar to its predecessors, Fire in the Hole xBomb and Misery Mining, but with a twist—and we don’t mean the dead birds! The unconventional grid layout features 6 reels arranged in a 3-3-2-2-1 formation, which can expand to a maximum of 3-4-3-3-4 by the detonation of locked locations. What is the procedure? I’m relieved you inquired.

The Contents of This Review of Dead Canary

In order to guarantee that our reviews are of the highest quality for our readers, we follow a specific procedure. While putting Dead Canary through its paces, we noticed the following:

When playing a slot machine, what should you look for in the symbols, and how much do they pay?

What is the smallest and largest possible wager, and can autoplay be enabled? Can I set it to play automatically?

What is the Return to Player percentage for this slot machine?

How often and how large your victories will be depends on the volatility of the situation.

The odds of getting a hit, or a winning combination, expressed as a percentage.

Does this slot machine have a jackpot and/or a high payout limit? Is there any way to maximize your success?

Which symbols serve as wilds and scatters, and what do they do in terms of triggering respin rounds?

What does the game’s bonus round consist of, exactly?

Is there a way to purchase access to the bonus function?

What does the game look like visually and aurally?

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Wins and a Caged Bird Symbol

The reel symbols in Dead Canary mirror the game’s overall grim and somber tone. The dwarf protagonist from the developer’s earlier mining-themed games will be instantly recognizable to fans of Nolimit City slots.

Adjustable betting range and autoplay feature

Dead Canary has a low minimum bet of £0.20 and a high maximum wager of £40.00. You can activate autoplay by pressing the arrow button that appears to the right of the spin button; this gives you the option to play 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, or 1,000 spins automatically at the stakes you set.

Toxic Canary RTP

The Return to Player (RTP) of Dead Canary is 94.12%, as reported by Nolimit City. During the Canary Free Spins, this rises to 94.31%, and during the Golden Scanner Canary Free Spins, it reaches 94.15%. Lucky Draw has a return to player percentage of 94.17%.


Dead Canary is a highly volatile slot machine, with infrequent but possibly large wins and features.

Maximum payout and/or jackpot

Dead Canary does not have a jackpot feature, but the maximum win is 65,000x the stake. If you happen to win more than this, the game will finish and you will receive the 65,000x payout, which is known as “Happy Wife, Happy Life” in Nolimit City.

Help if you’re having trouble with the game

In the event that your game session is terminated mid-round, you will be able to resume play from where you left off.

Get in touch with the online casino’s support staff if the replay feature is malfunctioning.

In the event of a hardware or software failure, all wagers and payouts on the affected games will be nullified and returned.


Considering that it takes place in a creepy mine, it may come as a surprise that we had so much fun playing Dead Canary. Locked positions, exploding wilds, and a new take on the free spins feature all come courtesy of Nolimit City’s mastery of additional features, which are made possible by the game’s unconventional reel design. Keep an ear out for the canaries; their song (and demise) could herald some big wins for you.






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